DUQ is relaunching with new products, and we’ll be revamping the current DUQ pack, and extending the service to the care and support of other groups of people outside of the learning disability sector.

Driving Up Quality continues to be a valuable tool, and one that is viewed as a benchmark of quality. More commissioners are using the Code as part of service specifications and tender requirements. Therefore the DUQ steering group has been discussing how we could strengthen the Code and has proposed the following:

Changes to how Driving Up Quality is managed and administered

Earlier on in the year, we sent out a survey asking organisations signed up to Driving Up Quality if they were prepared to pay an administration charge to sign up to, and self assess against, the Driving Up Quality Code. Just over half of those surveyed said that they would be happy to pay a small fee.

In order to continue developing the Driving Up Quality Code , the steering group for the Code has tasked the Housing and Support Alliance (H&SA), one of the key organisations involved in the development of the Code, to administer the Code. Now H&SA will administer sign ups to the Code, and provide support (where needed) to the self assessment process.

Here are the key changes to the way things will be managed:

Because of limitations in resources, a fee will be charged to all providers that have signed up to the Code, and those that will sign up in the future. Commissioners will not be charged to sign up to the code.

The fee will pay for the following activities:

  • sign up and welcoming new providers;
  • support with technical problems around uploading logos, reports, updates etc;
  • management and maintenance of the website;
  • Driving Up Quality Networks and Special Interest Groups in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester & York;
  • answering questions from providers regarding the self-assessment process and reporting;
  • reminding signed-up providers when they need to update their account in line with their commitments;
  • preparation of monthly newsletters;
  • promotion of success stories via social media;
  • and reissuing passwords when they have been lost/forgotten;
The new fees will be in place for organisations currently signed up from April 1 2016.

Members of H&SA will not pay a fee for Driving Up Quality. The above tasks will be included in their existing membership arrangement.

Further information: 

  • To see when and where the DUQ SIGs will take place, please see here.
  • To find out about membership of H&SA, please see here.

The fee for DUQ for non H&SA members

Existing members will pay either £100 if your organisation’s income is below £5m or £250 for organisations above £5m.

Organisations will be taken off the Driving Up Quality website in the event of: 

  • Non reporting on self assessment within 12 months of sign up; and/or
  • Non payment of invoice within 6 months of issue date

Organisations that have already been taken off of the website will not be invoiced.

If you have any questions relating to any of the above, please contact info@drivingupquality.org.uk Please also contact us if you no longer wish to be part of Driving Up Quality, and we will hide your page from the search engine.