Sign up as a Provider organisation

Signing up to the Driving Up Quality Code is a public commitment from your organisation that you believe in the principles of the code and are achieving or actively working towards them. Signing up to the Code is also a commitment from your organisation to be transparent about what you do to work towards the principles of the Code by assessing yourself every year and sharing what you find publicly on this website.

If you have questions about signing up please get in touch.

Here’s a brief summary of the commitment each organisation will be making:

  1. On signing up, each organisation should make a short statement about the Driving Up Quality Code somewhere on their website. Once done, a link to this statement should be added to the organisation's sign up page on the Driving Up Quality website (this will be done using a password that will be provided by us);
  2. Every signed up organisation should report on self assessment against the Code once every 12 months, as a minimum; and
  3. If the Driving Up Quality website receives any comments about your services from third parties, we will pass these on, and the organisation concerned should post a reply within 4 weeks on the DUQ area of the provider's website.

Please be aware that from May 2016, organisations that sign up to the Code will be charged a small annual fee to cover the cost of administration. For further details please this page

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Regions operating in:

Links to external reports

You can provide these links as you undertake the self-assessment process. The links to external reports are not a prerequisite to your initial sign-up. Some of these web pages will be from your own website, where you have your Driving Up Quality page, and where you are documenting the self-assessment process. The other web pages will come form external organisations such as the Care Quality Commission, NHS Choices or Making it Real. If you have questions about these links please get in touch.