Case Study - Managers and board members lead and run the organisation well (leadership and governance) 

Our organisation states clearly why it exists and what impact we aim to have with the people we work with. We review our Mission and our aims every three years in an exercise involving our Board and lots of other people. Our aims are about the impact we hope to make for those we support and we aim to evidence how we achieve those aims.We have a plan that states how we do that and we involve the people we work with in developing that plan. The plan is straightforward easy to understand and we present it on our website, and in other formats for people.

The people we support are at the centre of the plan and everything we do links back to them. It’s our promise to them and we measure our progress to ensure we’ve delivered it.  This helps us know whether we’re meeting those aims.

We look outside our organisation a lot so that we keep up with the best way of doing things. We belong to organisations like the Housing and Support Alliance and VODG. This means that we talk to people about what we are doing so we can compare what we do with others ad we’re transparent about what we do.

Our leaders are people who work hard, know a lot but understand what they don’t know. All leaders spend time with customers and in services to see what it’s like and to be approachable for people. We tried customer involvement in our Board but found it really hard, resulting in two customers leaving the Board because they wouldn’t provided the right support, so we tried again this year with much more success and we can now say things have changed because of customers on the Board. This included customers being very involved in choosing our new Chair of the Board and our Chief Executive. We’re expanding this to have customer groups and networks but we’re working with them to work out what they look like and how they will work, and we’re providing financial support to help that happen. We’re building up a record of “You said, we did” to see where our customers are able to get things changed.

We like to celebrate but it’s important that we learn from our mistakes and we’re setting up a Safeguarding Panel to review the things that go wrong so we don’t make the same mistakes twice.