Holly Lodge

Holly Lodge is a new supported living scheme in Kent for adults with learning disabilities. The scheme is a partnership between Kent County Council, mcch and Avenues Group. 

Holly Lodge opened on 17 April 2013, combining innovative bespoke design, technology and environmentally friendly features to make it one of a kind.  It is a new-build supported living scheme which will house and support 5 adults with behaviours that challenge services. The aim was to create state-of-the-art premises that maximised comfort, security and the personal development of the tenants. The need to demolish and build from new has offered unique opportunities to ensure the development of flexible accommodation which will suit the housing and supports needs of the current and future tenants.

A great deal of thought has been given to every design aspect of the site to ensure that it is robust but aesthetically pleasing. The aim was to create an environment which would be conducive to calm behaviour, assist staff to deliver less intrusive support and increase the tenants’ independence and confidence; in other words, to “design-out” some challenging behaviour. Packed with assistive technologies, this state of the art building includes unique design features that have been chosen to promote the safety of the tenants and to limit damage to the property.

The Project has involved co-production with future service users and their families, community building (and moving towards community-based support), a capabilities approach to disability (looking at people’s strengths and promoting what they can do), integrated services and Personalisation (as a foundation on which other strategies build).

For further information about the scheme, please see mcch's blog: Holly Lodge