Use of Daily Diary Sheets at Spire Preston

Ensuring support is focused on the person


Spire Preston uses individualised Daily Diary Sheets to ensure that support is truly focused on the person each day, every day.


Annual reviews and Person Centred Plans (PCP’s) are great but how can we translate their outcomes into day to day practice? At Spire Preston, staff complete daily diaries with each person they support and detail how they have supported achieving their desired outcomes in the following areas that day:

  • Activities, leisure and work
  • Relationships
  • Communication and decision making
  • Staying safe
  • Help around the house
  • Help with personal care
  • Help with health and diet
  • Help around finances

This ensures staff are continually documenting and reviewing the support for each person, capturing individual achievements and monitoring outcomes. Any change, no matter how small, can be flagged via this process so that achievements can be celebrated and any areas of concern addressed immediately, and support plans amended accordingly.

Each person supported is encouraged to review, and if appropriate, fill in, their own daily diary answering questions such as:

  • What activities have you done today?
  • What have you enjoyed or not enjoyed? Is there anything new you would like to try?
  • How are you feeling today?
  • Is there anything in particular that’s bothering you that you would like to share with you support worker?
  • Is there anything else you would like to write about?
  • Any specific issues regarding their personalised care and routine.

The daily diaries are collated monthly and uploaded onto the “People Planner” system, providing an electronic record and a truly personalised audit of how the support plan is working in practice.

Daily diary sheets are one of the tools that help Spire Preston ensure a truly individualised and creative service with the person receiving the service, at the centre and in the driving seat.

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