Miss C’s story at Spire (Preston)

Miss C’s story shows how people choosing where, and who they live with, is critical to happiness and quality of life.

Miss C is a young woman who until recently was living at home with her mum. She had no friends, no social life, and her relationship with her mother had broken down. She spent most of the time from 7pm onwards each evening on her own, in her room.

Miss C was referred to Spire Preston’s supported living service where they worked carefully with her to identify where, and with who, she wanted to live, and to check that they wanted to live with her too.

Miss C moved into an ordinary house in the community with two other young women of a similar age. She now has friends and enjoys regular social activities, including attending a drama group and karaoke disco each week as well as going bowling and to the cinema. She tells the staff who support her that she enjoys her ‘girly’ time with women of her own age.

As the social care funding crisis grows pressure to fill voids with “the next service user available” will grow. It is vital that values based services resist such pressures if happiness and real quality of life are to be a reality for more people with learning disabilities in the future.

See Spire Preston’s page here: https://www.drivingupquality.org.uk/provider-details?userid=268