Effective, person centred rota planning at Creative Support

In Lancashire, Creative Support has created a detailed ‘rota guidance’ document. This includes detail on how the rota reflects each person’s particular support needs.  This is established by completing a person centred support plan pinpointing how the organisation will meet the needs identified in an individual’s statutory assessment.  This leads to an agreed quantity of hours to be rota’d for each week, with a breakdown of what they are used for – e.g. activities, personal care, appointments, maintaining their home, etc.  Rotas are person centred in this way and should change to reflect any changes in the person’s assessed needs that affect how support should be delivered and when. 

When setting rotas, managers look to cover any important appointments someone may need to attend, (e.g. hospital appointments) with regular staff members that the person feels comfortable with. When appointments are made at short notice, we look to make necessary adjustments to the rota so that this consistency of support can still be provided.

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