Creative Support: Supporting people to lead better lives – Tony’s story


Tony had lived in a long stay institution for many years. Subsequently he lived in a shared supported living model that was decommissioned as part of Lancashire remodelling its services. When this service closed, it was important to Tony’s mother that he lived in his own house.  Due to his history and complex needs, it was important to ensure a specialised package of support was put in place so that Tony could succeed in maintaining this tenancy.  Tony was assessed as lacking capacity to decide on his future living arrangements, so a best interest process took place involving Creative Support, Tony’s mother, Tony’s social worker and other specialist health professionals involved in Tony’s care.  It was agreed that the best course of action was to support Tony to move into his own home.  Creative Support bought a property that was suitable for Tony and met his needs.  It was also close to his mother which was very important, so she could visit regularly and maintain contact.   


A specific programme of support was agreed with all parties and training was given to the staff team who were to work with Tony. These staff had been through a very careful selection process to ensure they met the particular needs of Tony.  One of the things that was identified as very important was the consistency of staff and the ways in which they supported Tony, so detailed support guidelines were put in place which were reviewed regularly to ensure they were still working.  Since moving in, there have been adjustments made to the property (such as in the garden) which have been tailored to meet Tony’s needs and ensure he can maintain his tenancy.


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