Tony’s story - Holywell Care Services

When I first moved to my new flat in a new town I was quite lonely. John one of my support workers was coming to see me on a bike. I said I would like to ride a bike, I tried but I couldn’t balance.

I was disappointed but my support workers and their manager found out about a special day where I could ride a bike with three wheels, they told me about it and I said I would like to go and try. I wasn’t sure about going on the bus but it was too far to walk and I had my staff from Holywell with me and they made sure I was alright. When we got there I was given a bike to ride and John helped me get started, he had to help me steer at first but I can ride it on my own now. It is inside and it doesn’t matter if it is raining - I can still ride my bike. I go every week and I enjoy it

Tony is typical of many people that Holywell Care Services Support; he expressed an interest to his support staff and they found a way to make it happen through local knowledge and shared interests.

Tony enjoys his cycling and now attends sessions every week, and it is great to see him ride past staff with a big grin on his face.

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