Pooling knowledge and sharing experiences at Holywell


The management of Holywell Care Services has a ‘hands on’ approach.  The director has frequent telephone contact with all members of the management structure to discuss issues that have arisen, changes that are to be made and to monitor aspects of the service. 


The monthly management meetings provide an opportunity for managers, care coordinators and team leaders to review progress, discuss problems, identify solutions and plan the next steps.  The 5 key areas of the Driving Up Quality code are discussed in management meetings so that they will are addressed systematically and progressively in the course of routine work.

Managers often support clients on calls so that they can experience the level of support and care offered at first hand and gain valuable feedback.

One of Holywell's staff clearly remembers being on a walking round and being picked up by a senior manager and driven to her next two calls, with the manager providing a taxi service.  This gave the manager the opportunity to gain valuable insight into work on the frontline and reinforced staff supervision routine.


The management team includes a wide range of experience and they pool their expertise to provide the best care solutions for clients.  By pooling its knowledge and sharing experiences, the team provides a rich support network and a community of practice that staff and people Holywell supports can access at any time.

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