Holywell's ethical approach to the provision of services


Holywell’s ethical approach to the provision of services to its clients is aligned to this key area of driving up standards.  As a relatively young organisation, Holywell has easily adopted modern principles of social care and operates on the lines of a learning organisation.  That means that Holywell values feedback that received from clients, their families and staff at all levels.  Holywell is proud to be an accredited Investor in People and was most recently assessed in February 2015.


In terms of matching care packages to people’s individual needs, Holywell pays attention to clients’ needs and their families’ requirements.  For example, recently, one family asked Holywell to provide carers of the same religious faith as them so that the carers would immediately understand the client’s cultural context and requirements.  The company was able to supply suitable carers to deliver this care package and recruited additional staff to provide adequate cover.  This practice is evidence that they embrace equality and diversity. 


Another issue often encountered is the great concern that ageing parents have for their siblings who have learning disabilities, who might themselves be adults.  When Mrs X could no longer cope on her own to look after her adult daughter, she asked Holywell to provide support.  She was very concerned about having carers in her home, which she viewed as an intrusion.  Senior management and the care coordinator visited Mrs X and discussed with her at length her daughter’s requirements and her concerns.  An assessment was completed and together they drafted a person centred care plan.  Subsequently, all parties who were to be involved in the care of the daughter met and the care plan was ratified.  Following this a dedicated staff team, approved by Mrs X, was identified to deliver the care package.


Mrs X is hands on and available when staff visit her home.  By providing her with people that she feels happy with, to care and support her daughter, it was agreed by Mrs X, the Social Worker and Holywell that Holywell would support Mrs X to recruit and train staff.  A weekly rota would be sent to Mrs X each week from Holywell and Mrs X would be responsible for managing the staff supporting her daughter with the activities she chooses. 


Holywell's company motto is “Enabling you to enjoy an independent lifestyle” and this is achieved by meeting with clients and their families: taking into account clients’ cultural background, religious beliefs and social care needs.  Holywell actively encourages input from outside agencies to ensure clients receive the best possible support.

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