Positive Risk Taking at Holywell - Tom's experience


Tom began working for a fast food chain before Holywell Care Services became involved in supporting him.  He visits his family from time to time but they are not involved in his care and support.  Tom is in paid employment and has told his staff that his job is important to him: he enjoys going to work.  However, during discussions with him about his job, staff became concerned that Tom’s colleagues at work might be giving him the worst jobs that no one else wanted to do.  The staff thought that it was important for someone from the team to visit Tom regularly at his work place, to speak to his supervisor to confirm that he was still enjoying his work, and make sure he could remain in paid employment. 


Tom was very happy when he was told that he would have this type of support from his staff team.  Staff visited Tom’s workplace and discussed his work with the supervisor, who gave an assurance that Tom would be supported to do the work he enjoyed.  Tom enjoys his independence and is encouraged to engage in activities of his choice.  In planning his activities staff carry out risk assessments and ensure that Tom’s mobile phone is charged up before he goes out on his own.  This approach to positive risk taking provides Tom with a sense of fulfilment and allows staff to contact him to check that he is safe; similarly, if Tom becomes concerned at any time he can telephone staff for immediate support.  Tom goes out to places such as Blackpool and Liverpool on his own but he feels reassured knowing that he can always ‘phone a friend’. 

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