Peter's ordinary and meaningful life at Holywell Care Services


Peter was assessed as being someone who could not go out on his own.  When he came to stay with Holywell Care Services, he required two people to support him at any given time.  Several agencies were involved in his care and support.  Peter lived in a single tenancy out of town with only his staff as friends.  He displayed extremely challenging behaviours that resulted in him being sectioned.  When he returned to the community, he categorically refused to return to his single tenancy but he did agree to move into a residential home that was in a central location (walking distance to town, shops, library and cinemas).  Here, he interacted with other people and enjoyed an ordinary social life.  His challenging behaviours subsided, although he still had occasional outbursts. 

It became apparent that Peter viewed the police as people he often wanted to challenge.  Staff spoke to community police and we arranged for officers to visit the home from time to time just to chat to Peter, and have a cup of tea with him and other residents.  This helped tremendously because Peter became relaxed in their presence.  On the few occasions when he did present with challenging behaviours, the police had to be called; they came into the home, sat down with him and, for example, explained to him the importance of him taking his medication.  Peter would listen to them and then agree to take it.  The police would shake his hand as they left.  He really enjoyed their company and his life became visibly much happier. 

Peter expressed his wish to go out in the community on his own as other people did.  The staff team completed a risk assessment and put in place a system to facilitate this activity.  The staff used a positive risk taking approach, which has had really positive results.  Peter remained on one to one support and really enjoyed his time in the home.  He often told staff “This is my home, and I love it.”  He appreciated being part of a community and made new friends. 

Peter enjoys taking the letters that require posting, walking up the road on his own to the letter box, posting the letters and walking back to the home.  Peter can now leave the home on his own and walk up the road to visit one of Holywell's offices.  Staff at the home ‘phone the office to advise the staff there when Peter is on his way.  When he arrives at the office, Peter is handed the ‘phone so that he can tell staff at the home that he has arrived.  He enjoys filing papers, tidying up and making himself a cup of coffee before heading back to the home on his own.  He also enjoys going out with fellow residents for a coffee, getting on the bus and just being a part of his community.

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