Improving quality of life at Quality Care (EM) Ltd

A case study about Lucy

On starting work in the bungalow, Lucy wasn’t going into the community due to the risk of hers and others safety. Staff stripped routines and planners back to basics and Lucy was given small short tasks, on a daily basis and given time to process them for either the afternoon or the morning, as it was established that Lucy was unable to deal with a lot of information at once.

This new approach worked well and was used by all staff in the bungalow for a number of weeks. Staff then slowly introduced outings into the community each week by trying a new activity. Staff would inform Lucy the day before about what would be happening the following day. Lucy would sit and process the information. More activities were added to a new planner that was written, introducing a new activity each week.

To begin with it was a food shop for the bungalow and then over the weeks other activities were introduced and Lucy progressed onto Country Walks, Dove Dance, Bowling, Pub Visit and a trip to the hairdressers which Lucy had not visited for 10 years.

The last activity added to Lucy's planner was swimming. Lucy went swimming and enjoyed every minute of it. Lucy went on the flumes and splashed in the waves. Lucy was smiling, laughing and interacting with staff and staying in the pool for an hour. This was a massive achievement for Lucy and her entire staff team, because from not accessing the community, Lucy is now accessing the community on a daily basis.