Organisational structure and management at Options for Supported Living

We believe that a key strength of our organisation is having a flat organisational structure, minimalising the distance between the people we support, support staff and senior managers. This helps to create better communication between the levels of structure, meaning decisions can be acted on quickly and effectively, and decisions can be fast and responsive to situations. Key to this is that Team Leaders continue to provide direct support, helping them to have a better awareness and understanding of what is going on within their teams. We recognise that for an organisation to work well and provide great support, each member of staff should be given great support and be suitably led at all levels to get the best out of people. All staff within Options, no matter what their role, have supervision once a month to ensure staff have regular time with their manager. Each team also has a monthly Team Meeting to discuss how they are going to support a person to achieve the outcomes set out in the PCP of the person they support.

Board of Trustee meetings are held every two months and cover issues from across the whole organisation, from strategic decision making to specific person related information. All decisions are made based upon our Mission, Values and Beliefs. Each Trustee was appointed based on their different backgrounds and experiences, but all share the Values and Beliefs of the organisation. The different backgrounds of the Trustees mean that they are able to challenge and discuss information before decisions are made. Trustees are actively involved in Options, and are regular faces at big and small events. Nikki joined the team of 20 from Options who completed the Liverpool Santa Dash, running with the people we support and staff to complete the 5km race. Louise has an interest in self-advocacy and has attended Voices R Us meetings. Julia’s passion is empowering families, so she attended the Families Event, catching up with the people we support and their families and finding out some of the great outcomes that they have achieved.