‘Taking Positive Risks’ at Options for Supported Living


Jeannie is an intelligent, articulate, funny and independent woman. She lives in her own home with her best friend Marie. Jeannie loves to try new things, cook, entertain guests, art, animals and spending time with her brother. Nothing outrageous or different about that. Jeannie lives an ordinary life doing ordinary things. But what makes Jeannie stand out, is that she hasn’t always had the opportunity to have a full and ordinary life. Last year Jeannie decided to move into her own home. Jeannie is now getting used to and enjoying the independence and experience of living in her own home. Jeannie had never had the opportunity to shop for her own food before, meaning she had limited choice over what she wanted to eat. She is now embracing food shopping and everything that goes with it, saying ‘The best bit is pushing the trolley round - I thought I was going to knock everything over!’. A full life is made up of both the big things and the small things, and great support should enable people to live a full life, in the way that they want to live it. 

Our Mission is to support, empower and enable people with disabilities to live their lives to the full. We recognise that a full life can sometimes be more difficult for the people we support to achieve. Because of this, we constantly strive to remove barriers and support people to be active and valued members of their own communities. The role of our Inclusion Co-ordinator is to ensure that a keyfocus of people we support and our staff is being a valued member of our communities.


Taking positive risks is not only an important part of great support, but an essential part. We encourage our staff to take positive risks, and it is a part of our Working Values. To do so they will complete a MOST (Maximising Opportunities Safely Together) – which identifies positive outcomes for the person we support, risks inherent in achieving those outcomes, and both pro-active andreactive means of managing those risks. We do not want the fear of failure to stop the people we support to try new things, and we believe that new experiences, making mistakes and learning from them are all part of a full life. As an organisation we take positive risks and we will never not support someone because their support needs are too complex or their behaviour is too challenging.