Strong culture of Member involvement at KeyRing

KeyRing has a strong culture of Member involvement.  Whilst the things they do always come from discussions with Members, they wanted to make sure they were spending a finite amount of money in a way which everyone agreed was going to give Members the loudest voice and best outcomes.

Keyring wanted to get staff, volunteers and Members round the same table to talk about how they spend the money and to increase transparency.

They held a working group which looked at how things like their Complaints Officer, Members' Paper and National Forum came about.  They asked the group if they were doing the right things, if they were spending the right amounts, what was missing and if anything was no longer needed.

The group validated the current structure, challenged where things weren't working well and moved money around to enable ideas to be strengthened. The Communication and Engagement Director had actions to take away and report back on with a clear deadlines.

The meeting minutes will be summarized in the Members' Paper, and sent to the KeyRing National  and Area Forums.

The outcome is that Member Involvement will be strengthened next year.  Member, staff and volunteer hopes and concerns have been heard and acted upon.  KeyRing can move forward with confidence, knowing they are doing the right things. Having spoken to staff, volunteers and Members, they know that they have addressed the concerns of each group, resulting in greater commitment from all involved.