KeyRing’s Network Model - a case study; Matt.

Matt is a gentleman with learning disabilities who is in his late 40s.  He lived with his parents until they sadly died, his father being the last to go.  Matt then lived alone for a while.  This was a difficult experience for him and his home was broken into ten times in three months.  Matt then joined KeyRing.

KeyRing’s support is provided through a Network model which links people to the community and encourages people to look out for each other.

When Matt joined KeyRing, staff did a relationship map with him.  At this point, the only people that Matt could place in his intimacy circle were support workers.  Matt had no real friends; the only people he knew were those who were paid to spend time with him.  A few years later, Matt and another KeyRing Member held a joint birthday party at which there were 30 well-wishers. He has been named Volunteer of the Year by his local BCTV group several times, and his intimacy circle now features true friends. 

The Network of people which Matt met when he joined KeyRing gave him a group of people who would look out for him and also rely on him.  Gradually Matt’s confidence began to grow as he felt safe and valued. The community map identified that Matt’s ‘green fingers’ could be well-used in the neighbourhood and KeyRing’s volunteer supported him to make contact with BCTV.  Other Network Members decided they wanted an allotment so Matt was able to help here too.

It is difficult to provide a full overview of Matt’s life because much of what he now does is organic and spontaneous and KeyRing only hears how valued he is within the community when someone stops the volunteer or worker to say what he’s recently done for them.  What we do know is that someone will return home following a stay in hospital to find their garden in bloom because Matt planted it for them, and that he has recently carried a lady’s heavy shopping bags up a steep hill. 

We also know that Matt has been on holiday with a friend from his Network, that a number of Members and others in the community, including Matt, get together on a regular basis to share a meal and that Matt now feels secure enough in his home to consider buying it.

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