Reflections on The Driving Up Quality Code

New Prospects Association have updated us on their progress

We’ve just sat down and reviewed progress on our actions agreed at the last meeting of the Driving up Quality group - with that little feeling of dread that we might have lapsed on our commitments.

We were reflecting on our work over the process. We first floated the idea of signing up to the code at our AGM in September 2013 where we introduced it to people we support, their families, staff and the board. You could sense the trepidation, not another set of things to sign up to. Fair enough, there are a canny few out there to sign up to!

From that first meeting in 2013 the Driving up Quality Code has felt different, a useful set of standards to live up to and a process of self assessment that can be as rigorous as you want to make it.

So it’s 2016 and we probably should have done 3 self assessments, but we’ve only done one – but it has been thorough, inclusive and testing.

It has run through everything that we’ve done over the last three years and we’ve included everyone involved with New Prospects, people we support, their families, staff, the board, commissioners and other critical friends. Our work on the Code has reassured us that we are heading in the right direction, tested us to improve our listening and communication and made us shudder at some of the things we had let slide.

We know our approach has been rigorous, brought to life in a quote from the mother of a man we support; “I’ve never known an organisation so keen to accept criticism”. Thankfully we are equally keen to drive up quality.

This update had been provided by Tim Keilty and Michelle Dodds of New Prospects Association. You can view their website here, or see their Driving Up Quality page.