Commitments a provider makes when signing up to the Driving Up Quality Code

When an organisation signs up to the Driving Up Quality Code, that organisation is making the following commitments:

  • To provide correct data about the organisation on signing up, including a functioning website address, and a valid contact email address;
  • Once signed up, each organisation should make a short statement about the Driving Up Quality Code somewhere on their website;
  • Once done, a link to the organisation's Driving Up Quality statement should be added to the organisation's sign up page on the Driving Up Quality website (this can be done using a password that will be provided by us);
  • Every signed up organisation should report on self assessment against the Code once every 12 months, as a minimum;
  • If an organisation doesn't report once in every twelve months, the DUQ webpage for the provider concerned will be marked "suspended due to lack of reported activity";
  • If the Driving Up Quality website receives any comments about the provider's services from third parties, we will pass these on to the organisation concerned, and they should post a reply within 4 weeks on the Driving Up Quality area of the provider's website.
  • If a provider fails to respond within 4 weeks we will mark the provider's DUQ web page "Suspended for failure to respond publicly to a service user concern"
Please see the Self Assessment Guide for further information: Self Assessment Guide